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    Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
    What do you think event Pokemon are? Do you think Nintendo or other companies catch a single Pokemon over and over? That must be why it's taking them over 2 months to release Arceus! :p
    That's different. Those are officially licensed Nintendo products. They made the game, you're just some punk with a $15 third party device. You know the "nintendo seal of quality" thing? Well I'm sure it could easily be forged, but what does that make you? Just some guy with too much time and some arts and crafts skills.

    Also, that would make it impossible for me, for example, to distribute one-time event Pokemon like DW starters because they cannot be bred.
    But an event's rarity is what makes it valuable. Fair trade states that when an exchange occurs an item of equal or greater value must be given up. When you duplicate an item it's value is cut in half. Do this enough and any mathematician will tell you that the value of the item in question is essentially 0, so when you trade a cloned pokemon you are the one scamming them. When you trade cloned pokemon for cloned pokemon, you're basically wasting your time in my opinion.

    And what's the point of us rnging the same Pokemon over and over? The end result is the same thing.
    When you RNG do you do it on the same day, hour, minute, second, and with the same exact frame, and seed? No. Even two pokemon that are the same species and basically the same setup will have different PIDs. It's all about the process.

    I understand where you're coming from, though, but each Pokemon is nothing more than values in a .pkm file. While I wish each individual Pokemon was unique it's just not so, even their "personality" is determined by a number.
    This one I had to think about. I've been thinking mostly about this one part, in fact. See, Nintendo is a company. In case you haven't been following along with the times companies are basically ruining the human race.

    Now, in that air of competitiveness and this environment of fast paced child centered marketing nintendo still finds time to include moral building, family oriented gameplay into their games, especially pokemon.

    Do you think that they make money by doing this? Do you think that's efficient? Hell no. But you know what? It teaches kids that bad guys steal, friends are more valuable than power, and that animal abuse isn't cool. Meanwhile, you and people like you are telling kids that get on the internet that cheating is fun, value is nonexistant, and that animals don't have souls. That's right, animals don't feel. They are after all the real life equivalent of pokemon. That might sound silly to you, but for a kid they are one in the same.

    I swear to you that I wouldn't be the person I am today without nintendo. They seeded my creativity at a young age. They taught me that fungi are cool, and sometimes dangerous. They taught me the meaning of value in a low income household where my meals depended on how lucky my parents got at the local casino. My brother dabbles in the black market. My sister is a stay-at-home housewife. My other brother doesn't know the meaning of meta cognition and my little sister is your stereotypical brainwashed "Buy me this" daughter. The difference between me and them? I got a SNES and Super mario world 3 for my 7th birthday.

    When you hate on nintendo's code, it becomes personal, so don't give me that ".pkm" bull.

    I catch my legendaries in nest balls :unsure:
    I play Pardus. I like fungi. I like chemistry. I am constantly changing.