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    Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
    The less said about Lazenby, the better. Seriously. Wipe him off the face of the Bond franchise and leave him to die in some rat-infested alleyway in London. Okay, that's a bit harsh. But what he did to the Bond series in my opinion is what Winona Ryder did to the Alien series. Well, to be fair, Alien: Resurrection, that abomination, wasn't entirely Winona Ryder's fault. But, as I simply love to hate her., I choose to put the blame mostly on her and her horrific acting.

    Anyway, the hottest Bond actor. Sean Connery-in-his-prime gets my vote. I'd talked about this before, but that voice could, if I had one, break my hymen if I got too close to him. Plus, he was just soooooo hooooooot back then.
    Large multiquote for the loss. Anyway, I respectfully disagree... I thought Lazenby shined as James Bond and OHMSS is one of my favorite James Bond films. Connery's films were also quite good as well. Anyone but Moore, please...