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    Penance Malum

    When it began to rain Penance hadn't immediately joined the others under their shelter, he had stood in the middle of the downpour and just relaxed. It felt strange to be out of water for too long and just having water splashing against his skin rejuvenated him. He only spent a short time doing this before he joined the others back under the shelter. He found Sword and Shield easily enough in the crowd and spent the time simply resting his eyes.

    "All right, everyone. The rain has subsided. We should move on." Blinking his eyes open Penance stood up and stretched his back. Soon enough they were moving through the rainforest once more, but this time is was hotter than usual. Penance didn't know much about rainforests but apparently this happened all the time here. As the humidity worsened Penance found himself actually start to sweat and even the rain didn't seem to help lift the humidity.

    The group took another rest stop, but this time Penance was not in a mood to venture out in the rain. As the humidity worsoned Penance's mood began to take a dive. While he had been curious at the start of the rainforest, he was now far from happy. While they walked Penance didn't bother conversing with his brothers as all he did was ponder how long it would take before they fianlly got out of the Arceus-forsaken place.

    It took some time but eventually the air began to cool down and Penance found himself back in a happy mood. If the humidity was leaving then that meant they were almost out. Penance was eager to leave this place once and for all, but when they did get to the border all Penance could do was stare slack-jawed as he saw... nothing. Absolutely nothing! Penance knew nothing about deserts. Unlike Vigil, Penance's final exam had been lucky for the Golduck, no doubt due to all the time the day before he had devoted to rubbing his bracelet. His final exam had taken place in the middle of the ocean where he and his classmates were tasked with finding the coast and staying alive, all easy enough for the water-type.

    "Vigil, where's all the grass?" He asked.