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Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Post
I'm sorry you feel the way do sanshroo. Here in Trade Corner we in by no means encourage hacking. We have many rules in place to prevent it and offer hack checking to help traders weed hacks out themselves. As for your beliefs about cloning, I fully understand them, but we do not consider it to be hacking. If you would like to know what we consider hacking or not, I suggest you read our FAQ in the Trade Corner Rules. It'll provide you with the necessary information as to what we consider here to be legal and illegal.

Now let's keep this place civil everyone.
Just quoting to reiterate Trade Corner staff's position on this. ^-^

We know there are many gray areas in the realm of Pokemon trading. We strive to enforce rules that the majority will be okay with. We do listen and try to find common ground with those who do not feel equally represented. For example, traders are free to place restrictions (e.g. no cloned Pokemon, do not re-trade or clone Pokemon, etc) and we'll do our best to back up those rights. We punish those who intentionally do not agree to and/or not fulfill the terms of the trade.

The trade rules also asks that traders mention if they're using cloning, AR codes, flash cart, etc. If one don't agree with the shop's practices, one shouldn't make trades there.

If you have issues or concerns about our regulations, you can always contact Trade Corner staff or try contacting higher staff. If you're not getting the same interpretation as we meant when we typed the rules, ask us to clarify.

One may discuss one's own views on various elements of trading here. However, global rules mandate that no one can insult other members. Insults will weaken any argument.

This section is for discussing Pokemon Wi-Fi trading only. Implications about the procedures here do not extend to outer society / child rearing.

Late, but this applies to everyone (even those still lurking!). Have fun and ease up, guys and gals. Happy trading.