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    Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
    Some C&C:

    -- Try not to mix generations / styles of tiles. They stick out like a sore thumb and make your game look less impressive.

    -- If you're going to take screenshots, save them as .PNG so that they are saved in their original quality.

    -- Some of your lighting effects are incredibly excessive. Adding more and more lighting effects does not make your game more impressive & can be quite annoying. Also, in one of your screenshots your character appears to have 2 shadows?

    Apart from those points, it's a good start and you've managed to do an impressive amount of work without any help. Well done!
    Yeah I mixed a lot of things. I have one big tileset with resources from all over the place+ some of my own. I'm probably gonna Get it all fixed once the demo is done.

    I shall save them as PNG from now on

    Yeah I've been experimenting with lighting effects so that's why it's not that good yet lol.

    I'll keep working on it and hopefuly it'll end up being something good