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    Lucian Tromp

    The remainder of the journey through the rainforest was rather harsh, especially for Lucian's brothers. At first, the rain was rather refreshing to Lucian. Having lived in a rainforest for a while, he had grown attached to the rain. All the while, he was thinking about the terror that lay ahead: the wastelands. He had also been calculating the various trees they passed. Noting which ones were better to take cover under. When they stopped for a rest, Lucian instructed Vigil to take cover under the large tree to the right, it had so many leaves that either the rain would drop to the sides or just get soaked up by a leaf before reaching them. This meant they were almost totally safe from rain, and had a lot of cover space since the tree was close to huge. As Lucian sat down under the tree, he remembered how thankful he was to the forest Pokemon for teaching him these things, these were invaluable survival skills that only the forest people knew. They taught Lucian how to use simple maths to calculate the density, age, and amount of leaves a tree had. Inevitably, he wondered how they would fare without him. After all, in the few months he'd been with them, he'd already prevented many disasters. Of course, the village had its own warriors, but none could match up to the skills of Lucian. On the up side, he was with fellow Gold Tribe members. Despite the fact that it had only been a few months, Lucian felt like it had been forever since he'd seen another Gold Tribe warrior. He felt at home being with others who wore the emblem. Despite a rough start, Lucian was already warming up to everyone in the group.

    By the time Lucian had stopped thinking, it was time to set back off. Before long, Lucian noticed a giant Oak tree in the middle of a small, circular clearing. He knew what this meant. The tree was called the 'Sivinan no kol' by the forest Pokemon, which was their language for 'Tree that isn't supposed to be there'. See, oak trees don't grow in rainforests. Everyone knows that. The oak tree had been planted by someone to signify the start of the 'humid section'. The 'humid section' was a polluted part of the rainforest, the climate was twisted by global warming, and made far more humid. Hence the name, 'humid section'. The forest people dreaded the humid section, and even Lucian had only been there once. Lucian walked up to Vigil. "Be careful, the followingpart of the forest is the humidsection, it's, well, humid." he said. He popped his finger into his mouth and then plopped it back out, then pointed it to the sky. "The temperature is alreadymore humid, we must becareful." Lucian said hastily.

    The next part of the journey was relatively hard. The humid section was just as Hoodhide remembered it. At first, he could endure it easily, but after a while the humidity started getting to him. Before long, it started to rain again, and, once again, they took shelter. Unfortunately for them, the humid section had a terrible selection of trees, and they had to shelter under a young and thin tree, with a measly amount of leaves, by rainforest standards. Although compared to any other tree, it might be huge. One of the only things that could beat the rainforest trees would be the mighty redwood, which Lucian had yet to see.
    It was hard keeping up front with the humidity throwing things in Lucian's face, but before long, the forest started thinning out. The humidity started disappearing, and everyone looked much more pleased. "Humidity's disappearing, we're reaching theend." Lucian said. As they reached the very end, Lucian was the first to run ahead and peek at the wasteland. There was: nothing. Absolutely nothing but a little sand and ground. It looked terrible. The others arrived, and none of them seemed happy. Most of them probably thought the humidity was the worst part, but it didn't even come close.

    Lucian knew little about this place. It was the only thing separating the rainforest from Poseida Ruins. Separating tales from fact, Lucian determined all he knew of the place into words. "Vigil," he started. "This place is very dangerous for those who do not know of it. I know little about theplace, what I do know is that the heat will be intense after a strong while, and more importantly, we must steer clear of the factories we will encounter. They are under control of the Silvertribe." Lucian explained. His face scrunched up when he mentioned Silver Tribe quite hastily, he hated the people. Nothing but traitors and deserters. But ... he was a deserter too, in a way. At least that was how he felt. Either way, he spat after mentioning them, which seemed to be some sort of tradition back in the village after they appeared. Something told Lucian that Vigil already knew this, though. A hunch. As he seemed to grin upon seeing the place. Perhaps he had gone to that school that had the terrible final exam of surviving this place. The Wastes of Will, it was called. Luckily, in the Gold Tribe Academy, the final exam was having to stay out of sight of a dozen guards during a pitch black night in a maze until daybreak. It may have seemed hard enough already, but the guards had night vision goggles, and they flew. Plus the rules said you couldn't stay in one hiding place for more than ten minutes. Harsh, but Lucian's dark typing helped him overcome it. (Dark typing grants increased night vision)

    He stared into the great desert, worried for what lay ahead.
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