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    Hey wazup? Happy New Year. I would like all of these DW events plus all the spoiler tagged events and any other DW event please.

    JPN and US Gen V Events

    JPN Pokemon Smash! Events:
    -UT Hasty ミュウツー (Mewtwo) lv.70 (9/26/2011) OT ポケスマ! ID 09261 w/king's rock -Good Offers Only!- (got it myself)
    -UT Timid ミュウツー (Mewtwo) lv.70 (9/28/2011) OT ポケスマ! ID 09261 w/king's rock (flawless ivs)
    -UT Quirky ゾロアーク (Zoroark ♂)lv.50 (1/16/2011) OT ポケスマ! ID 01161 event move: Bark Out (World Hobby Fair)
    -UT Quirky ゾロアーク (Zoroark ♂)lv.50 (2/14/2011) OT ポケスマ! ID 01161 event move: Bark Out (wifi event/got it myself)
    -UT Quiet クマシュン (Cubchoo ♂)lv.15 (10/22/2010) OT ポケスマ ID 10220 w/max potion (got it myself)

    JPN PGL Events:
    -UT Calm Arceus lv.100 OT Gyuki ID 49708 *Perma NFT* (got it myself)
    -UT Bold Croagunk lv.10 OT Gyuki ID 49708 w/poison hand *Perma NFT* (got it myself)
    -UT Sassy Birthday Togekiss lv.10 w/super luck event move: present
    -UT Impish Mamoswine lv.34 w/thick fat (nearly flawless ivs)
    -UT Bold Porygon lv.10 w/analytic
    -UT Adamant Chimchar lv.10 OT Dom w/iron fist [IVs 18/20/6/28/19/16] *NFT by orginal owner's request*
    -UT Modest Piplup lv.10 w/defiant
    -UT Adamant Mudkip lv.10 w/damp
    -UT Bold Bulbasaur lv.10 w/chlorophyll
    -UT Timid Squirtle lv.10 w/rain dish (pokeball) *NFT by orginal owner's request*
    -UT Adamant Turtwig lv.10 w/shell armor
    -UT Adamant Charmander lv.10 OT Ray w/solar power
    -UT Adamant Torchic lv.10 ID 34134 w/speed boost
    -UT Timid Mudkip lv.10 ID 65090 w/damp
    -UT Bold Squirtle lv.10 ID 06189 w/rain dish
    -UT Adamant Treecko lv.10 OT テイルズ ID 21077 w/unburden
    -UT Naive Christmas Blissey lv.10 ID 62399 w/healer
    -UT Hasty Famitsu Lucario lv.10 ID 05299 w/justified -Good Offers Only!-

    JPN PGL DW Guide Book Events:
    -UT Bold ポリゴン (Porygon) lv.10 w/analytic
    -UT Quirky チルタリス (Altaria ♂) lv.35 (11/29/2011) OT Gyuki ID 49708 w/cloud nine (got it myself)
    -UT Bold チルタリス (Altaria ♂) lv.35 (11/19/2011) w/cloud nine *Perma NFT by request*

    US/Foreign PGL DW Events:
    -UT Naughty Banette lv.37 w/cursed body (got it myself)
    -UT Sassy Croagunk lv.10 w/poison touch (got it myself)
    -UT Lax Mamutel (Mamoswine ♂) lv.34 w/thick fat
    -UT Careful Glibunkel (Croagunk ♂) lv.10 w/poison touch
    -UT Relaxed Branette (Banette ♀) lv.37 w/curse body [French]
    -UT Adamant Mammochon (Mamoswine ♂) lv.34 w/thick fat[French]

    JPN Pokemon Cafe events:
    -UT Naughty Eevee lv.10 w/anticipation
    -UT Naive Eevee lv.10 w/anticipation (got it myself)
    -UT Quiet Poliwhirl lv.25 w/swift swim (NN: Hoppy)
    -UT Burmy lv.10 w/overcoat (got it myself)
    -UT Smeargle lv.10 w/moody (got it myself)

    I want these plus all other DW events. I don't have much on my 5th gen White version but you can pick events from my 4th gen games if you want XD. Thanks XD.
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