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Better late than never for the review, right? Unfortunately this one will be short...

I actually used an old school typewriter once.... back in the elementary school library I don't even remember what I typed or for what, but I do remember using one...

Onto the battle... the description was a bit clearer, but I still had points where I couldn't visualize Goldeen and the water... maybe because the whole thing defies the very laws of physics and I do have a hard time with that sort of thing, lol. It seemed like a pretty clever strategy, and obviously it ended up working, but it just dawned on me that three of Michael's Pokemon have weaknesses to Flying types...he does need to get cracking on getting new Pokemon, lol

Of course when it came to water Pokemon, I had Lisa take the easy way out... use a Pokemon that could battle well on land. (And since my latest stories have been more about the car chases and gun fights anyway, the matter really is moot xD)

Actually I'm more interested in how Michael's article goes and the public reaction to it getting published. That's the thing I'm really looking forward to seeing.

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