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    Thanks for the comment :3

    I am not trying to mimic the Sugimori style, hence why the shading is simple and lineart thicker than on actual quality pokemon art. Its so I can focus on making interesting designs and concepts. (also progress is slow enough even without trying to do it better than this).

    I was gonna try to do some, but even if it turns out good, I dont think Id remake the 130 in it and do the upcoming 130 in anything more compley than current approach.

    Not sure how to properly describe what Im doing, but Im trying to make fakemon which fit next to the actual pokemon, if sugimori or someone redid them into the same style.
    I want the same quality of interesting combinations of shapes, colors, patterns, ideas and concepts.

    So I get that Im not looking at "how he draws", but did you mean "what he draws" too?
    Cause then its a complete disaster and I might as well start anew XD
    If my fakemon don't look like pokemon (apart from the style not matching), THATs what I would want feedback about, so please elaborate if thats the case.

    Oh and if you wanna know how I do the lineart, its probably the crappiest way ever:
    I scan the sketch when it looks good and close enough to what I imagined it, then I go over it with the line tool in photoshop; meaning I drag hundreds of short lines one after another :B
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