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    To be honest I haven't analysed pokemon design enough to comment on any concepts, but on a basic level I'd just say that your fakemon are a mixed bag in that respect, some of them look very much like things I can imagine being pokemon, and others not so much.

    I can't help but feel that some of that has to do with the choice of colour and tone. Some of the more successful designs are less saturated and the eye design is simpler. But in that respect that's all I can offer you. Like I say, I've never analysed it. Sorry that may not be very useful, but I'm trying my best to help you.

    The 'what he draws' only meant 'how he draws what he draws' but since you've disregarded the Sugi related comments I made on that with 'style' I don't think discussing that any further is a good idea.

    Instead I'll say I think that your style is a little mismatched. The lines are bulky and solid, but your shading is soft, I'm going to just say, read the bit I said before about working on your lineart here. Because I'd still say it again.

    I can't understand why when you hand-draw all of these anyway you go over them in the line tool. Like I said before, the constant gentle curves don't do the form of the mons any justice; you should have variation in both thickness and dynamics. The line tool is hard to control, hand drawing the lineart, traditionally or digitally will make it better and since you start out with that anyway that should be easy for you to handle. :')

    Well, good luck, I have nothing else to suggest for you!


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