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    Originally Posted by lukasz_pro View Post
    what i must do to make fire red "shiny gold looking" ? (left fire red , right shiny gold)
    i only know how change palet but i dont know how change trees , grass and ground ;/

    You could try editing the grass and such in the Nameless Sprite Editor version 2.0. (I think anyway. Be sure to back it up before you change it)

    Originally Posted by Sande View Post
    Is there a program that would list all scripts used in a rom?
    Or is there a way to find them all myself?
    Whackahack has most of them. The site is in Spanish though.

    Here's a list of all the programs I use to make my hack:

    NSE 2.0
    Advance Map
    Advance Trainer
    Advanced Pokemon sprite editor
    Advanced Pokemon icon editor
    Visual Boy Advance

    and that's all I can think of right now but there might be a few more.

    Check the toolbox forum for links to all these.