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Someone mentioned a smart intellisense type dialog, I think that would be wonderful!
(no more having to guess what variable goes where)

And on second thought, I don't know if all these colors are necessary for the highlighting.
Just blue and black, with maybe red for defined terms, would be very easy on the eyes.

Blue = things like "if" and all the functions,
Red = defined terms, from the custom definitions and the predefined ones, they might begin with the #,
Green = commented lines,
Black = everything else.

It can be hard to see the orange font if you have, say a dim laptop screen, or there is a source of light/glare.

I was also wondering if you were going to use c# or c/c++ style naming convention.

c/c++ contains more all caps and all lowercase terms, where as in c# most terms begin with a capital letter, and are lowercase except if the term, is a combination of multiple words.
(ex: applymovement vs ApplyMovement)