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    I know that you might disagree on my opinion. But I think that Mew came before Arceus. Because that they mentioned that Mew has the same DNA of all Pokemon and in the first Mew movie, Mew must have created itself(same to Arceus, but didn't exist in the anime or games until Gen IV) in a void of Chaos, and was the first Pokemon. Then he must have created the other Pokemon(such as Arceus), then Arceus must have created the other Legendary Pokemon. But that the reason why Arceus must have been classified as a god is maybe of my theory: Maybe because that Mew must have passed on it's job to Arceus and that Arceus must be classified as the "god" of Pokemon. Then that the rest of the regular Pokemon much have been made naturally(Banette made of a doll), some of them are prehistoric naturally by the gods, and that the rest was made soon after naturally to adapt to their area. Plus, it did say that Mew carries all the DNA of the Pokemon, so it must be first. Anyways, do you think that either Arceus or Mew was the first Pokemon to be born? Sources tooken by Bulbapedia, Serebii, and other forums. Brief summary: Mew was made of itself, it then "created" Arceus in a egg of chaos, then that Arceus created the rest of the Pokemon and the universe, and took Mew's Role as the creator of Pokemon and for making the Legendaries. But this is a theory, not a fact. EDIT: I didn't know that there was a forum post like this, it probably took my post to here.