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    Gladius Clipeum

    Vigil led the way towards Poseida Village. After stocking up, Gladius and the others proceeded to the rainforest, the first of the several challenges they still need to overcome before reaching the rendezvous. Gladius could endure all that, already rested and recovered from his injuries, but his main thoughts were on the Alpha Alliance members with them. Gladius faced a lot worse challenges before, ranging from high pressures to deadly Silver Tribe members, and here is him, still alive. But the Alpha Alliance were not Gold Tribe members. They are not fit for long and ardous journeys. Gladius worried that they could not take the pressure.

    While the group were walking through the dense forest, a Scrafty suddenly appeared from the bushes and attacked them mindlessly. Gladius prepared a Return, but hesitated. Gladius first though was a Silver Tribe Member, but no. There seemed to be something different from this Scrafty, aside from his blood-red sheen. No, it's his eyes. There is something that is alive behind those eyes, something absent from the Silver Tribe members while they were battling. This Scrafty seemed... driven by passion and not only by orders. Suddenly, a word resonated inside his head.

    Gold Tribe.

    And he was right. As Vigil was pushed backwards by the Scrafty, he revealed that he was a Gold Tribe member also. A survivor! Vigil invited him to join the group but Vigil hesitated. It was revealed that he has a village under his protection.

    "You know which path we will take if you wish to join us," Vigil said as the Scrafty, known as Hoodhide, ran off. Gladius had the oddest feeling that he will see Hoodhide again. And he did. Hoodhide caught up to them, with a bunch of berries. Gladius eyed them curiously. He knew it was for the other Alpha Alliance but he still could not help imagining himself eating it. Hey, he is a Snorlax through and through.

    It rained quite a few times during their travel in the rainforest, with Hoodhide leading the way. His expertise with the area is remarkable, employing various methods regarding everything, from trees to camping and such. Gladius love listening to him. He seemed like a fountain of knowledge. They reached the "humid area" as Hoodhide referred to it without much difficulty. Here, the group slowed down because of the heat. Soon enough, they reached the great desert. Nothing but sand stretched in front of them and to their sides. He knew this from his H.A.S time. The Final exam as many called it. It was two days of torture for their batch. Gladius assumed the role of a leader during that time, but it was still hard for them. Gladly, no one perished, and all graduated with flying colors.

    As the group gazed upon the vast wasteland, Gladius could see their reactions. Yes, he knew there are several ways to Poseida Village, but it would take them four to five days to traverse it. And Ancients are patrolling along those areas as well. Better take the risk here, and withdraw from battling before the great comeback. Gladius decided to sit down for a moment, under the shade of the last trees of the forest. Speculum sat beside him and playfully poked him in the stomach. The others were resting as well.

    "Man, I really wish I could sleep. I guess that comes really easily to your kind, doesn't it, fatty?" he said.

    "Stop with the lame puns, Speculum," Gladius irritably snorted. "I am a Snorlax, you know that." Gladius lied down for a while, before standing up and stretching his tired bones and muscles. And fat. "Alright, I am ready to go again!" Gladius stared at the desert. "Vigil, how much time do you expect for us to traverse this wasteland? Do you have, you know, any general plan in min, or you want us to use brute force and cover as much mileage in a day?" Gladius stretched again, his bones creaking. "Belas should have a banquet for me when I get there."

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