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    Originally Posted by 5qwerty View Post
    Hooray for logical game!

    The only problem I really have with this is the new types. Beauty doesn't really seem like a type.

    But the rest seems pretty good. Keep it up.

    Mm. Beauty doesn't seem like a type at all. In fact, it's a combustible liquid, similar to gasoline. And if you don't like it, it'll be possible to go through the whole game and only see one or two Beauty-types; there are only a few, and they aren't common. Same goes for Nuclear.

    Glad you like it overall, though.

    Originally Posted by JettenD View Post
    Oh sweet another Cutlerine hack, sucks that I have to wait! But it will be worth it. Also in team rocket will you advance through ranks? Like from grunt to executive and whatever other ranks there may or may not be in Team Rocket? Any who~ I cannot wait for an alpha/beta version. also late happy new years.
    Ah. The gangs don't really have ranks; there're just the grunts and the leaders. Although I suppose there's nothing to stop me adding them. I might just do that.

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