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Yay! I finally got back to RNG abuse >=D

National Pokédex Number: 494| Species: Victini
Nickname: Victini | Gender: Genderless
OT: Movie14 | ID: 12031
Nature: Jolly | Characteristic: Capable of Taking Hits | Ability: Victory Star
Individual Values: HP-30 / Atk-30 / Def-31 / Sp. Atk-23 / Sp. Def-31 / Spe-31
Effort Values: 0
Hidden Power Type and Base Power: Dragon 70
Moveset: V-Create / Fusion Flare / Fusion Bolt / Searing Shot

Using this template is so nostalgic...

PS. I suck at using my DS Lite so I decided to use my XL which is EASIER for me. (I have big hands, I press 2-3 buttons at the same time using Lite.. -__-)