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I'm finally able to start a new journey in Black. For this journey I chose the name Kaylan and my starter is Oshawott. :) Oshawott is named Venus [Sector Revenge] and is shiny of course!

Venus | Mild | Level 6

After talking to Professor Juniper and entering Route 1, I lagged there for a long time until I caught a full party of Pokemon.

I just want to beat Bianca and Cheren, okay?

Those Pokemon are only temporary though as I plan to catch much better Pokemon after the first gym. Prof. Juniper shows me around the Pokemon Center. She tries to get me to heal me Pokemon, but I try to leave and she starts yelling at me. She's kind of scary. xD I pick up a few more pokeballs before I leave the Pokemon Center.

Outside there's a commotion going on. After having my ears bleed due to Ghetsis's annoying speech, I get challenged by some weird green haired guy named N. What kind of name is that?!?!

To be continued...
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