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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Nah I don't think it'd be fair if you'd have to win all those battles, because for some of the poorer battlers it's harder, participating, however...

idk as long as it isn't forfeited, it's fine imo.
You're right. XD I would never rank up if I had to win all those. :P

Originally Posted by Impo View Post
The new clan style is almost done - I just need some help with a little piece of it. Lol I feel so happy people are liking the rankings

And I was thinking if you just battled you would be able to move up a rank - but maybe I should change it to 50 wins instead.

They're not meant to be easily reached, you know ;)

WAIT that made no sense.
I meant just for the last rank, maybe 50 wins. After all, it is a high rank, no?
Making it wins for the last rank sounds good. It'll be my new goal. 8)
I can dream can't I? xD

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