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    Originally Posted by lukasz_pro View Post
    i changed the grass and palet , i try change tress but didint work (look at screen) , and why some parts of ground in cities are black ? (look at screen)
    saved tiles set looks like sh*t i dont know why , and how do i change grass animation ?
    and why i dont have other blocks ? (water , ground etc)
    The grass is a weird color because it's color is wrong. The tree's are acting like that because they use different parts of the tileset. The best way to fix that is to go to your tree tiles, and use the block editor to put parts of your new tree where there are leftover parts from the old tree. All tiles from tileset one are in that tileset, including water and ground tiles. Since you're using Pallate 1, everything shows up with a green or brown coloring. Pallate 4 has the water colors

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