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Originally Posted by Snivy063 View Post
Hello, I'm joining! :D

: Snivy063
Partner Pokemon: Jirachi the Wishing Star
Topic: The strongest legendary Pokemon? That's a tough question! I feel the same way about Arceus, since it's the so-called God Pokemon who else can beat it? I mean everything started because of Arceus.
Welcome Snivy!! Arceus has crazy Stats for a single Pokemon. It's just crazy!

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Name: Avishka
Partner Pokemon: Shadow The Darkrai
Welcome! FYI, my nephew names his Darkrai Shadow as well

Originally Posted by ShadowExcadrill View Post
Name: ShadowExcadrill
Partner: Leviathan the Rayquaza

Rayquaza is stronger in my opinion, as its Attack and Speed are high
Welcome! I remember when I first met Rayquaza in Ruby, I was like xD and when I caught it, I was like :D then before you know it. It was the king of my Party LOL

Rayquaza can be devastating when used correctly.

Originally Posted by PokemonLady View Post
Name: PokemonLady

Partner Pokemon: Giratina
Welcome to the club PokemonLady! No nickname for Giratina? Alrighty

Originally Posted by Xulek View Post

Provided Arceus doesn't have Shadow Claw first, if not then Gengar would be a good counter lol.
If we're providing Swords Dance for Arceus, you do know Punishment is a Dark Type move and can work wonders with it? I prefer Punishment over Shadow Claw. Not to mention the typing is optional and if you use Dark type Gengar would be in trouble. It all varies on how you use the advantage of Arcues.

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
It is rare seeing a Shadow Claw Arceus as most Arceus nowadays run on the Bug-types, focusing on a STAB X-Scissor or a CM Judgement set. Gengar is pretty safe with him. Another legendary, Ho-Oh can practically OHKO Arceus-Bug with any STAB attack considering its massive Attack stat.

Bug-type Arceus. Never used that one before. I've only used Dark, Dragon & Steel and I found that Steel type is the most frustrating among the other trainers.

Which typing do you prefer on Arceus and why?