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    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    It is rare seeing a Shadow Claw Arceus as most Arceus nowadays run on the Bug-types, focusing on a STAB X-Scissor or a CM Judgement set. Gengar is pretty safe with him. Another legendary, Ho-Oh can practically OHKO Arceus-Bug with any STAB attack considering its massive Attack stat.
    That's rather odd if I do say so myself but that's the first time I've heard of Bug Arceus being used so widely nowadays TBH. Arceus could use the BoltBeam combination if using the CM Judgment set too though which can put a dent on Gengar and Ho-Oh as well, especially if it's obtained a few CM boosts beforehand. For the Swords Dance Bug set I'd probably go with Stone Edge for coverage against said counters, shaky accuracy but better than nothing if you ask me.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    If we're providing Swords Dance for Arceus, you do know Punishment is a Dark Type move and can work wonders with it? I prefer Punishment over Shadow Claw. Not to mention the typing is optional and if you use Dark type Gengar would be in trouble. It all varies on how you use the advantage of Arcues.

    Bug-type Arceus. Never used that one before. I've only used Dark, Dragon & Steel and I found that Steel type is the most frustrating among the other trainers.

    Which typing do you prefer on Arceus and why?
    Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea there haha, I'll have to try that sometime. Only used the Ghost type myself though TBH, yes I know I'm a noob lol.

    I've always liked the Water type Arceus above most of the other typings TBH, pairs so well with Kyogre it's just sickening lol.