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Sade Frost

After that orders from Auron were issued, Frost was truly unhappy. She was honestly perfectly alright being with that brutal buffoon, Beserker, but her other partner was the one who bothered her most: Ignitus.

Ignitus was one of the eight sentinels of the Silver Tribe, of course, and by far Frost's least favorite. Being a Fire-type, she'd never really gotten along with the Ice-type Frost. That wasn't the only reason, of course, since Frost and Inferno got along just fine. But Ignitus was just plain annoying. Frost underestimated and looked down upon Ignitus in absolutely every single fashion. In Frost's opinion, Ignitus was stuck-up, and unworthy to be a great sentinel of the Silver Tribe. 'A commoner' were the words Frost used to describe Ignitus, the Flareon. Frost felt completely superior over Ignitus, and Ignitus obviously did not appreciate this. The two were locked in an ever-present hatred.

Frost decided to try and ignore Ignitus, despite that pungent smell of ash and filth coming from her. (Probably from Ignitus' volcano lair) And focused on whatever else she could find as she floated by, head high in the air. The main thing she could hear was Beserker from behind them.

"I wonder why Auron is sending us to Eternity. Well, whatever. I'm sure Noxious and Sentry will brief us once we're there anyways...GRR it doesn't make sense!! WHY AREN'T WE PURSUING THE GOLD TRIBE?!!" he screamed. Frost turned her head to him, and rolled her eyes. "Oh, shut up, Beserker, you're making a nuisance of yourself." she said, calmly. "Well, whatever." he said, calming down ever so slightly. "But this time don't run so fast!" he said, as he ran to catch up with Ignitus and Frostbite, who were already far ahead of the slow juggernaut. Honestly, he was very, very strong, but he was also quite ridiculous in all other matters. He was stupid, he had a terrible temper, and he always managed to look or act positively ridiculous somehow. Still, his great power and supreme sturdiness granted him a position among the eight sentinels, and despite his cons, Frost thought rather highly of him, depending on the occasion. However, right now, he was making a fool of himself, and was playing on his stupidity and his anger.

Unlike Beserker, though, Frost had absolute confidence in Auron, she knew he was sending them to Eternity for a perfectly good reason, and she was relying on Noxious and Sentry to give them a briefing once there.

"So, Ignitus," Frost started after a while. "How are you managing in that," Frost blew her hand like a fan in front of her face, signifying that she didn't like Ignitus' smell. "volcano of yours?" Frost teased.


Lucian Tromp

The journey through the Wastes was even more agonizing than that of the humid area. Lucian hated this place. The most horrible thing was, living in the rainforest all those months, he'd become used to the wet surroundings. This place was as hot as a furnace, and it had a horrible effect on Lucian. Within minutes of the start of the journey, the poor Scrafty broke into a sweat. By midday, he'd already consumed his two bottles of water, and was still sweating like crazy. Zane and the others seemed to take it better, especially Zane, who would probably be the group's guide through this part of the journey. Right now, the sun was quite low in the sky, and Lucian was trotting through the hot ground of the wastes, still sweating. He was sure that if the heat didn't dry it up within a matter of seconds, his sweat trail could be traced back all the way to the forest. Luckily Hansel and Gretel's bread crumbs were being eaten up by the heat.

Soon, the time came to bunk down. Zane went and calculated the position of the stars to determine the time, Lucian joined in, and estimated it was close to midnight. He thought Zane might have found the same estimation in the stars. "Time to bunkdown." he said to Zane. But Zane had already gotten the message, of course, as the Pokemon began setting up camp.

Lucian sat close to a Snorlax when they were all around the camp fire. The Snorlax had been near the front of the group when he'd attacked Zane. Sword and Shield, his name was? Of all people, Lucian thought Sword and Shield would be the hungriest, being a Snorlax. So he handed him a berry he'd been saving. "Here." he said, as he held the berry up to the huge Snorlax. Doing so, he noticed the Snorlax was quite a bit bigger than the last one he'd seen. Clearly adequate for the Gold Tribe. "It's a little singed, but you can have it, brother." he said.

Lucian then turned to the other Pokemon around the camp fire. A huddle of Alpha Alliance soldiers and Gold Tribe members. Honestly, Lucian wasn't too fond of the Alpha Alliance militia, unlike the Gold Tribe, they relied purely on strategy and power. They had no understanding whatsoever of the honor and dignity the Gold Tribe brothers shared. When one of their comrades died in battle, a Gold Tribe member would take his brother to bury them honorably, in remembrance. An Alpha Alliance soldier would leave them to rot in the sun. And most of the stronger militia, while powerful combatants by common soldier standards, were bullies on the inside. They were vain, mean, and they had no understanding of honor. Still, the Gold Tribe and the militia fought for one same cause: The Alpha Alliance, and Lucian appreciated that.
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