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    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Welcome Snivy!! Arceus has crazy Stats for a single Pokemon. It's just crazy!

    Welcome! FYI, my nephew names his Darkrai Shadow as well

    Welcome! I remember when I first met Rayquaza in Ruby, I was like xD and when I caught it, I was like :D then before you know it. It was the king of my Party LOL

    Rayquaza can be devastating when used correctly.

    Welcome to the club PokemonLady! No nickname for Giratina? Alrighty

    If we're providing Swords Dance for Arceus, you do know Punishment is a Dark Type move and can work wonders with it? I prefer Punishment over Shadow Claw. Not to mention the typing is optional and if you use Dark type Gengar would be in trouble. It all varies on how you use the advantage of Arcues.

    Bug-type Arceus. Never used that one before. I've only used Dark, Dragon & Steel and I found that Steel type is the most frustrating among the other trainers.

    Which typing do you prefer on Arceus and why?
    I think I'll give it a nickname... I'll give it the Name

    Raven the Giratina
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