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Pokecommunity League Planning
Just thought I'd start mapping out some things.

Okay guys, I want to start some early planning, in the hopes of creating a PokeCommunity League - one that will stick and attract people to the CBC. I myself have made plenty of attempts at leagues in the past, so I think I have gathered enough experience to try and guide a successful league to the light of day. Wish us luck!

General Checklist

I have taken it upon myself to try and make a rough checklist of things that this league should have to give it maximum efficiency, fun, and originality. Spiffing!
  • There must be no limit of people who can join - a successful league must have unlimited placements. There can still be 8 Gym Leaders and the like, but the challengers cannot have a set number. There must be room for all to allow everyone to join and replace the veterans.
  • Have a difference to clans. What this means, is that I feel we should try and stray away from having groups of people in the leauge, now that clans are up and running. If they were, that would kind of diminish the impact of the clans themselves. On that note, having clans visible in the league would not be a bad idea.
  • Have more than one person running the league. Try as hard as they may, no one person will be able to successfully maintain a whole league by themselves. I have tried several times and failed all. To remedy this, I suggest having a number of people who are assigned separate tasks to ensure efficiency.
  • Make the league as appealing as possible. This means to make it fun, to give a reaosn for people to return and motivate themselves to battle. This may sound hard, but all that is needed are prizes, appeal, and recognition. Which basically means make the thread look good, give rewards for wins, and notice and congratulate the winners - make them feel happy.
  • Make sure battlers are familiar with the rules of the league. As simple as this is, sometimes it can be difficult to absorb the information of a league. For this, I recommend simple rules, as well as examples and directions when needed. For example, when accessing the PC Pokemon Online Server, or the list of banned Pokemon and Items.
  • Have themed events and regular updates. A fresh taste of renewal is rewarding to both the eyes and the soul, and will definitely enthuse people to stay and battle a round or two.
  • Advertise. Make a small signature tag that people can place in their sig (without disrupting what was in it before), so people who don't regular the Battling Forums have a chance to see the league. It is great for spreading the word.
If I think of any more, I'll be sure to add them. If you think of any more you should add them too.


This is where we put fingers to keyboard and begin to carve the league from out under the marble! Here we will cement the beginning platform for the league to branch. All ideas will be taken into consideration and thoroughly looked over.

Current Ideas are as followed:
  • Revamping of a former, well skeletoned, League. There have been a couple of successful leagues here at PC, so it wouldn't be stupid to disect a few and give them a few touch-ups, allowing it to grace us with its presence again. Suggested By Impo
  • The Starlight Ninjas League/The Rural Ninjas League. I dunno, something Ninja themed. I like ninjas. Suggested By Impo


Yes, the word that makes everyone cringe. Volunteer. Meaning that you'll be doing it for free, out of the goodness of your heart. Doesn't that just sound horrible?
I'll just list some things that will need to be done by people adapted to the area, and let you contort in disgust afterwards.

Thread Maintainers - These people are the ones who gather information from the thread such as wins and losses, keeping tabs on everything and everyone. It would be nice if these people were mods and could edit the first post, to update when the original poster is offline.

Graphics Creators - Those who are nifty with banners, sprites, signature pieces, or have a thriving colour sense would be need to ensure the thread has professional visual appeal.

CSS Coders - So the thread isn't a big picture with uncopyable words or just a soggy lump of coloured text, people with skills in CSS would be loved if they could turn the thread into a circus of coding wonders.

Prize Donators - Something that will probably fuel most peoples motivation to battle, anyone with the ability to RNG and clone legitamite Pokemon would be a league wonders by donating Pokemon for winners to recieve. To make people want to donate, a gift could to be given to those who donate a certain amount of Pokemon.

There's probably more, I just can't think of them.


Well, just thought I'd start planning a possible league thread. Sorry if you disagree with any of this, or I'm making it too soon, but it's here now.