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Welcome, FourCartridge!

So... I was playing Sonic & Knuckles last night. Do we all remember how much longer and more difficult Sonic's playthrough is than Knuckles' playthrough? Well, I didn't 100%. I won, but through a fair deal of frustration. [Ending details will be put in spoiler]
With Knuckles, you go from Lava Reef to the Hidden Palace, immediately to Sky Sanctuary where you fight Metal Sonic. That's the final boss. With Sonic, you have an extra boss in Lava Reef, Hidden Palace is a little bit of a zone, Sky Sanctuary is a long 1-act zone with 3 bosses, ending with Metal Sonic, then you go to the Death Egg Zone, a full 2-act-long, 3-boss-long zone, ending with a giant robot. I managed to defeat the giant robot, then had the point where I had to chase down Dr. Robotnik on the collapsing Death Egg as he carries the Master Emerald. I had inflicted the final hit, but apparently I hit him in just the wrong spot, where it caused me to bounce backwards into the already-collapsed section. I nearly whipped the controller through the TV. But, after a few more tries to beat the giant robot again, I managed to win.

New topic for us: Which of the spinoff-type (non-platformer game featuring Sonic or his buddies as a main character) Sonic games is your favorite?
For me, I'm going with a classic here: Sonic Spinball! Basically, it's the pinball sections of Casino Night, in an entire game. :D