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    Good day to all of you,
    I have returned from the reality of life, my January exams are over and Jason is ready to emerge back into the high sprung life of Trainer Acadamey.

    In would be of great help if any of you could tell me what is going on around the Academy and about your characters. It would also help yourselves for the near future.

    There is one thing that i can remember before i took my leave, an event that was someone was trying to make occur something about the Lugia Dorm being ressurected... To be honest i don't really want to back trak through pages of posts to find the exact post, but it did sound intriguing.

    Anyway it is great to be back and i enjoy seeing the action that is happening for 2012.

    Darkgoalie out...

    P.S: Do not take Maths as an AS or A2 Level subject, it is the most hardest subject i have ever taken.
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