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Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post

._. Um . . . because I said it would suck to lose to you? Or because I said a game where you fall in love with pigeon-people seemed stupid? Aaaaaaaah, have you forgotten that I'm almost never serious on teh interwebz? I feel unknown D:
I'ma smack you with mah keyblade. It has flowers and everything. It. Will. Hurt. Don't make me do it >:U
^in case you still didn't realize, I am kidding. Rawr!
PC is a huge site. Other Trivia is a heavily frequented section. Many people who post here probably have never seen you post here outside of the past few days, which I know is mostly the case for myself. When you're joking you should use some kind of smiley that indicates you're joking, since some people in this thread will otherwise take what you say completely seriously. (b'-')b

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