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Moo your works are becoming excessively awesome and it is getting harder for me to crit 'em. ;;


I like the colors and the positioning. But I'm not so sure about all that extra space on the right. Idk..but it just irks me. But yeah, you did a wonderful job with the stock. Better than anything I could've done. lol

Looking good. I would've loved to see some more effects on this tag, though. For now, it feels like you've played safe by keeping the effects to min. And it is a little too dark for my tastes, as I've mentioned earlier, but yeah, nice. ;P
Out of all the pieces you've posted, I probably like this one the most. Wait, I like the experimental work better. So it makes this one my second fave? Anyway..I like the colors, lighting (although a little heavy at some places. Just lil' bit. Those places? Above her head and near her ear. That's just me though, I guess!) and I like how you've placed that skull at the right. May seem random, but it adds a lot to the tag. I like it. <3;
This is hot. <3

Time for the second post!
Hmm, idk, this looks weak. The monotone, lack of different effects and the weird focal. I mean, my eyes get drawn to the splattered brush thingy faster than it does to B-man's face. The focal, if it is b-man's face as I'm assuming it to be, is somewhat lost. At least for me. And all the monotone doesn't help it. The lighting at the chest is a little iffy. So, the overly strong splatter, the monotone and the..weird-ish lighting at his chest takes a lot away from this piece. Defs not one of your better tags. :o

As for those last two pieces: I like 'em. I really do. But the one with motion blur..I kinda wish the motion blur was a little more prominent. :P i am such a n00b. i not know how to crit. ;;
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