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    This is coming from an artist personally, but I love the designs of most the Pokemon, even in the new generation. I think a lot of people are focused on the Pokemon just looking pleasing as far as the design is concerned, I.E. being "cute" or "cool", but that there are some that aren't makes it that much more awesome to me, and more "realistic". Not all real animals are good looking, after all.

    And yeah, I'm not too fond of some of the ones you mentioned above either (well, most that you mentioned) but every generation has those sort of characters and that doesn't mean that they're any less of Pokemon.

    :3 Point is that I love the diversity, and no, I do think that the Pokemon in the new generation look like Pokemon. I love the designs of all of them...except Cryogonal, his design is really retarded to me. XD
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