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There are some seriously stupid looking Pokemon, and it just seems obvious that they're running out of ideas.
So Magnemite's evoltuon being...three Magnemite, and this concept repeated with Diglett wasn't 'running out of ideas' too?
You've all seen this image, right? That is the difference between older and newer generations. Newer monsters have more 'pointless' features; spikes, stripes, fluffy bits, etc. What's good or bad is a matter of opinion, but there is generally a clear distinction between early and recent generations.
Part of that may have been due also to the improved capabilities of the systems; the first few games were limited even in the number of colours Pokemon had in their sprites. As that evolved no wonder things got more fancy, and I'd assume that art styles of Sugimori and co changed as well over the about decade-and-half Pokemon has been around for.
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