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This will both pose some questions as well as rise some discussion. The starting point is a question as to the limit of additions we could bring to the editor without having to make a great deal of change to the overall Essentials engine. As well as the fact I must question how much knowledge would need to be had to bring more notable changes.

This thread can be used for discussing certain things in which we could add to it. Speaking from a personal account, I think it would be useful if we had a more in depth and accessibility to the overall functioning of the day & night system. We have encounters within the editor, so I felt it might also come in useful to bring the addition to be able to set the amount of tints maps would have, the times in which they occur, as well as the actual colour of those tints. It would also be useful to get a real-time example of these tints within the editor. This would be quite useful to have, and could be expanded on.

So again, I'll question the possibility and credibility of these changes. I for one, mostly avoid the editor and use PBS files, however if it had more benefits I believe it could be something worth using more so. And in conjunction with the question, I advise others to add what changes they would like to see.
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