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    Lucian Tromp

    Lucian had woken up to a start earlier, finding that they had to get moving. And it wasn't even first light yet! At first, Lucian was rather bothered that he did not get as many hours sleep as he could have, but after a moment of thinking, he realized the strategical advantage of moving out really early. With the sun rising, the temperatures were starting to increase, but only starting. With a mix of warm and cold just before dawn, Lucian felt renewed. Regular temperature was a relief in this wasteland.
    But afterwards, the heat came back. The air was grimy with pollution, and once again, Lucian broke into a sweat. This time, he was more prepared. A group of Alpha Alliance soldiers had agreed to share some rations with him, so he had something to hold out. Luckily, the water he was given was enough to keep him from fainting, like many others did. A Gold Tribe member could hold out for longer with less water, or food for that matter. But, truth be told, Hoodhide knew his time in the forest had put a blunt edge on his fighting skills. Their boring, laid-back lifestyle had really gotten to the Scrafty. But after this ordeal, he was convinced he'd be back to his old fighting self soon enough.

    After having consumed one bottle of water, (managing to hold out far better than the day before) the group came upon an oasis. Lucian couldn't believe it! It even had palm trees! And the pond was about three times his length and width! Like so many others, the Scrafty ran over to the pond. He pushed his way through the great thick crowd that had been created around the pond, jumping over a few smaller individuals such as a Snivy. "Hey!" he shouted at Lucian, when he jumped over him. Lucian didn't stop to apologize, and soon, he was at the pond. However, he was not quick enough to stop! While he looked back at the Snivy, he hadn't realized he was already at the edge of the pool, and just when it was too late, he fell in. He sunk to the bottom, inanimate. He was really drinking and drinking and drinking as he fell to the bottom. When he needed air, he quickly starting swimming up. When he re-emerged at the top, he took a huge gasp for air and looked around at everyone who was drinking from the pond. He started laughing. "Hahahaha! Water!" he shouted, as he splashed water in the faces of some of the drinkers, happy. They didn't seem bothered, just happy to come upon this gift.

    For the next few minutes, Hoodhide spent his time drinking from the great pond and swimming around in it. Suddenly, something broke his happiness.

    "Scouts heading this way!" someone said. Hoodhide looked to his right to find General Hazone saying it to Vigil. "There appears to only be half a dozen of them. Shouldn't we just take them out?" An Aipom Alpha Alliance soldier asked.

    "We shouldn't risk confrontation. We have no idea who they are. Hide behind the rocks!" Lucian heard Vigil say. He was directing it to everybody. Of course, the Scrafty knew exactly what to do.

    Now here was a clever little maneuver any Scraggy of Scrafty, or any other Pokemon with pants (Lucian doubted there were any others) could perform. grabbing his pants, Lucian pulled them up all the way over his head and gripped the top tight with his hands. Then, he sunk to the bottom of the pond. The pants had created a spare air socket for Lucian to breathe in while he hid from the people above. He'd neglected to see who they might be, but one of their voices sounded familiar, even through the muffled sound coming through the pants.
    "Someone's... n here." he heard. Immediately, Lucian recognized the voice. He would never forget it. That was the voice of Drake Nol, Sentry. A Sentinel of the Silver Tribe. He was the one that led the group of Silver Tribe members who had pursued Lucian. He'd tracked Lucian across half of Valkaria, metaphorically speaking. Lucian recognized his voice, from when he gave the order to his troops. "Kill him." pointing to Lucian. If it wasn't for the forest Pokemon, he would have certainly killed him. He just hoped that Nol didn't get a second chance today.

    Luckily he did not. "... into the Wastes of Will, they're nothing but corpses now, and I have no time nor use for dead citizens. Let's go." Nol said. And soon, he could hear their booming footsteps (Mainly those of the huge Bastodion) trot off. He put his pant back down, allowing the water to go to him, and could see everyone emerging from their hiding places. He, too, did so, swimming up from his place.
    He climbed out of the water, his wet skin would serve well during the rest of the journey. "That was Sentry. By my count, he's heading east, most likely to Eternity City, but I'm not sure. We should continue south to Poseida." Hazone said, as Lucian walked up to him and Zane. Lucian wished he could follow the bastard and see what he was up to, but Poseida was a more important matter. "Right. Come on, everyone. We should get going. Less than a day ahead of us." Zane said. Less than a day! Brilliant!

    So, the group ventured further and further into the Wastes of Will. The rock formations were getting bigger. Suddenly, Lucian spotted something in the distance. "Look, something overthere!" Lucian said to Zane. He rushed over to it in a hurry.

    At first, it looked like a big rock formation, but soon Lucian and the others came to realize it was... a house. Or at least what was left of a house. The huge thing was in ruins, it looked like it was at least three stories high before. "A house! We must be getting close!" Lucian shouted to the others, who were still a distance away.
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