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    Honestly, I think it's taboo in western cultures due to religion. This is why gay marriage is not accepted in the United States, or certain sexual positions are not legal. It's complete garbage. I am so open about sex because it's a natural fact, it's one of the most natural things human beings do!!! I am an atheist and I do not agree with religion, thus when I hear things like, 'masturbation is evil''s like ARE YOU SERIOUS? I hate stuff like that.

    In Canada, we are taught about safe sex, but it looks like in the United States they are taught about abstinence...the roots there are religious...and that is in public schools. Terrible!!! It's obvious that kids are going to have sex so teach them how to do it safely.

    I wish sex wasn't so taboo. It's normal! It's also a wonderful thing; a beautiful thing. Why is it so condemned? Makes me so mad. It's weird because if you mention something like an erection people get all upset, but if you talk about some murder it's okay? WHY? Why isn't the murder a taboo thing and the erection an okay thing. ALL GUYS GET THEM! Argh. I can't change the way people think, but I just wish sex was more of a normal day to day conversation and not a hush hush thing. I hate how it's so, "Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I have sex!" Well, no kidding, you're human. I'm proud to say I have sex and that I love my boyfriend, but you can't just blurt that out in day to day life because I would be being dirty and rude, yet I can discuss terrorism, murders and whatever else and I'm just talking about the news. I don't know what else to say, but it does drive me nuts that sex is such a 'under the covers' subject. Cultures that are not dominated by religion don't find sex to be a taboo once religious beliefs go away, I think that views on sex won't be so hush hush. Look at your grandparent's/great grandparent's was between a man and a woman, you didn't talk about it, and you only did it if you were married. Plus birth control was a sin and every seed was sacred, yadda yadda yadda...all those beliefs' roots are in religion. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is. *sigh*

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