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    Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
    If anyone could help me it would be very appreciated. I've been working with OWs a lot lately and now I'm getting close to the maximum number of different sprite pallets on a map. Well I'm trying to change the Pallet of an OW in VBA memory viewer (DO NOT SAY "Use NSE or something" because I doing something totally different) and I can't find out how to save something onto the game without it changing back. If anyone could tell me how to do that or even better how to find the hex offset of a memory viewer adress it would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm not completely sure, but could you use writebyteto and use that offset?[/SIZE]

    EDIT: Ahh, I think you can use writebytetooffset. The memory viewer offset being the offset you write it too. Like writebytetooffset [byte] [pointer to write it to]. I havent tried, but it should work, at least in my head.
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