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Maybe if they had started changing characters each time they changed a region, it would have been okay. But instead they decided to keep Ash and Pikachu and change the female character every generation (excluding 2nd) instead.
The anime is geared towards kids, which seems to make it imperative that the plots are G rated and predictable, and the characters shallow and forever young. I don't think they will ever make Ash get older, and I don't think they will ever replace him.

My hope is that, rather than replacing Ash, they make a side series geared for Pokemon's older audience, making it more bearable. Actual, complex plots and deep, unpredictable, developing characters who actually have flaws. I also hope this for games, maybe a T rated game with some romance in the story would prove to be more entertaining than the same old plot rehashed like what is seen in the current games. However, I doubt this will ever happen. Why? Because even if they make a different anime with a PG13 or a T rated game, stupid parents will be like 'it's a cartoon' and let their kids watch it, then complain about how it isn't fit for children.