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    Gladius Clipeum

    Gladius was glad he took a sleep before setting out to journey once again. When they started their walk, Gladius could feel the large temperature difference from the day before. These part of day they called "desert dusk" is a good kind of thing. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right, and that is saying much when you are walking barefooted on the sand. The other Pokemon in the group were managing quite well, becoming acquainted to the hardships on the Wastes of Will. Hoodhide himself just consumed a bottle of water.

    During the middle part of the day, Gladius could notice some jutting rocks on the sand, and some plant life, like the cactus. As they continued there walking, more rocks appeared. Some quite large that Gladius could practically hide himself behind them. And then, the gift of Arceus showed itself. An oasis, its water sparkling beautifully, appeared just on the horizon!

    "It is a water hole!" A Donphan Alpha Alliance shouted. It ran towards the water with the other people. Hoodhide jumped over the smaller Pokemon and swam in the water, drinking as much water as he could. Gladius cupped his hand and drank deeply. It refreshed his very sore throat. He looked around and saw the others smiling for the first time since their departure from Liberty Ruins. Gladius also smiled. Seeing them happy makes him happy also. He refilled his water bottle, and drank deeply again. He drank until his stomach felt it would burst. However, the happiness was short-lived.

    "Scouts heading this way!" Hazone shouted. Gladius raised his head and saw several Ancients coming this way. He crouched behind a very large rock, and prayed to Arceus he would not be noticed. This is not yet the right time to launch an attack. As the Ancients went closer, he saw another Pokemon. Drake Nol, the Silver Tribe's Sentry. The group paused for a moment, on a spot very dangerously close to Gladius. He could literally hear Sentry's silent breathing.

    "Someone's been here." Sentry said out loud.

    "Shall we scout the area for Pokemon?"

    "No. I imagine they were just refugees fleeing. If they traveled into the Wastes of Will, they're nothing but corpses now, and I have no time nor use for dead citizens<" Sentry said. He beckoned to his small group of warriors. "Let's go."

    One by one, the Gold Tribe members and the Alpha Alliance appeared from their hiding placed.

    "I cannot believe we actually survived that," Gladius said to no one in particular. The group started moving again, not risking the chance that Sentry might come back and inspect the surrounding area. Vigil said that it was less than a day before they arrive at Poseida. Gladius was worked up. Soon.

    True to his word, the group caught sight of civilization after a few hours of traveling. At first, they thought what they saw were just an odd formation of huge rocks, but what they saw actually, as they come near, are old houses, long gone due to the Silver Tribe attacks.

    "Civilization! We are getting near, my brothers!" Gladius said, a huge smile etched on his face. And true, they reache dthe point where the could see the Poseida ruins. It looked empty.

    "Where are Belas and the others?" The Pokemon were conversing. This cannot be... Suddenly, the Raticate from the second division scouts came up to them.

    "You've arrived! General Belas has been expecting you," Raticate led the way towards Belas and the others. They stopped outside a tower. A weird place to gather an army. Raticate entered and, surprising the arrivals, pushed a lever on the wall. A huge tunnel appeared. They followed the Raticate inside. Gladius could sense the presence of a lot of Pokemon beyond the walls. The walls vibrated with each step they take. Suddenly, they found themselves standing in front of hundreds, no, thousands of soldiers milling about. This is what Belas meant by army. Gladius let a whistle slip out his pursed lips. Belas found his way to them, and hugged Hazone.

    Belas turned to his soldiers and said, "Today, we welcome to our camp, members of the Gold Tribe, as well as our General Hazone!" the army cheered. Gladius knew something is wrong. Why is there no Gold Tribe members presented to us? The answer came quite soon. Belas answered that no Gold Tribe member had arrived yet. He was still hopeful. Gladius feels otherwise. Even the banquet prepared by the general could not cheer him up. Well, it did cheer him up, but not as much. as he liked. He was thinking of something.

    Gladius, along with Vigil, Calamity, Defender, Speculum, TrueStriker, and Hoodhide, were the last Gold Tribe members. The bitter truth: No more Gold Tribe member will arrive. They are the last.

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