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    My favourite grass type pokemon would have to be.... I dont know. Either bulba or Meganium. Why you may ask? Bulbasaur is quite a clever design, a dinosaur with a bulb on it's back, and the colours all mash and blend nicely, something else I like is it's colours blend in with it surroundings, not like when the pokémon compan ingited a 5 year old to colour in archeops, no wonder it's a fossil. And I like when it evovles, you can se it aging, you can see progress on the bulb, which eventually opens into a beautiful flower. I also like how it's ability fits in with it.

    On the other hand, I've always picture Meganium as a peaceful beautiful animal that would attack knowone, and would only fight in self-defense. I absoloutle love its colour, and the flower around it's neck contrasts it so well. And I love the little things on it's head. Meganium is really cute. That's why it's my number 1, something you can't say about most final eve starters.