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    Hope you all had a nice New Year and Christmas. Sorry for the wait...Here is Chapter 4 =)


    Chapter 4 – Questions?

    Outskirts of New Goldenrod City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 7th, 3535. 1946 Hours

    Machamp walked across the battlefield. Looking for any wounded allied troops. He was hopeful; he hadn't found anyone for the past thirty minutes. After another thirty minutes of searching, he found a hole. It was large, about the size of a small house. And it was deep, a good five foot drop from the surface. He looked down and spotted a figure, which he soon recognized as Pinsir. He was crouched down and seemed like he was talking to himself.

    "Pinsir, how did you get down there?" Machamp yelled, rubbing the side of his face.

    Pinsir heard Machamp's husky, Scottish voice and looked up. He smiled and waved his hand in the air like a happy child.

    "I don't know. I'm guessing Alakazam is pissed at me again and he teleported a hole for me to fall in. And this time, it's not full of scorpions. I made lots of friends that day, stinging friends!" he yelled back, still grinning stupidly.

    "He probably is. What did you do to piss him off?" asked Machamp, sitting down at the edge of the pit.

    "I called his wife a fatty-corpuscle."

    "That's it? I thought you made a mistake on a math equation or something and offended him after."

    "I did that as well," laughed Pinsir, "instead of saying the proper acronyms for PEMDAS. He said it's 'parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add, and subtract'. But I said 'parenthesis, exponents, multiply the women, divide the legs, add a bed, and subtract the clothes', and then I referred it to his wife"

    "Wait you got that from me! Didn't you!" shouted Machamp, leaning into the hole.

    "No I didn't," gasped Pinsir, sounding shocked at the very idea of it.

    "Yes you did!"

    "No I didn't, "shouted Pinsir, pausing for a moment, "Roger told me,"

    "Oh, don't get your imaginary friend Roger into this," grumbled Machamp, face-palming.

    "He is not imaginary! He's just shy."

    "Then where is he?"

    "Right there!" yelled Pinsir, pointing at a lump of dirt beside his feet.

    Machamp sighed, "That's a lump of dirt, Pinsir."

    "I know he's just in dirt form."

    "Oh, don't make excuses!"

    As the two argued, Pidgeot was hundreds of feet in the air, searching for something. His sharp ears then picked up two familiar voices from the ground, and he droped altitude to pursue the voices. He stopped his descend and skims across the ground. He spotted Machamp and landed next to him.

    "What the bloody hell are you yelling about?" growled Pidgeot.

    "Pinsir is claiming that the lump of dirt beside him is his imaginary friend, Roger," Machamp replied, pointing at Pinsir down in the hole.

    Pidgeot did a bit of a double take at the two, and then stared at Machamp.

    "Okay, first of all, why are you even bothering to have an argument about a lump of dirt being a friend of Pinsir? Like, think about it. IT'S Pinsir we're talking about here. And, second of all, what were you doing before you found Pinsir in here?" Pidgeot half asked half shouted at Machamp.

    "I was helping to evacuate the wounded to medic choppers. Why you here?"

    "Poliwrath sent me to investigate if Bibarel had fallen into the trap, and then report back."

    "Well then, I have your answer. And it's five feet down in that house sized hole."

    "I had a feeling Pinsir would fall in."

    They looked back down at Pinsir. He was crouching down again and was whispering to the lump of dirt again.

    "No, Roger. I won't kill Machamp…No, I said…. No goblin is going to violate me... Or.... yeah, maybe when he's asleep, I'll slit his throat,... Yeah, it does feel like we're being watched," he whispered then looks up at Machamp and Pidgeot, who were both watching him, before continuing to quietly talk to the dirt-pile, "everyone is looking at me. I like it when they do that. HI EVERYBODY!" Pinsir yelled.

    "Wow, okay… Well, I'll leave you to get him out," said Pidgeot, preparing to take-off again.

    "Me? Why me? You're the one who can fly," Machamp replied.

    "I have no time. I have to go report this... slight malfunction, of the trap."

    Out of nowhere, Pinsir popped up between the two. He had a big smile on his face, boarding on creepy, and was really happy.

    "What are we talking about?" he yelled, pulling himself the rest of the way out of the hole.

    "Son of a b*tch!" yelled the other two, leaping back away from the edge of the hole.

    "Oh my God! What! Is there a leppercon with a knife near me?" yelled Pinsir, freaking out as well, checking his back and surroundings for the leppercon.

    "Where the hell did you come from?" yelled Machamp, panting from the shock.

    "Out of that hole," Pinsir pointed, "where else would I have come from?"

    "I know that," snarled Pidgeot, "but how? That's a five foot climb up."

    "Roger helped me out."

    "For this time only, I'm going to believe you. But now, lets go before I have an even worse heart attack. Get on my back. I'll fly you two downtown."

    Machamp and Pinsir jumped on top of Pidgeot's back. And they travel towards the occupied city.

    Downtown New Goldenrod City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 7th, 3535. 2000 Hours.

    On the streets of Goldenrod allied troops began to evacuate the enemy grunts into trucks and ship them off to wherever. But in the highest floor of tallest building above the evacuation, the Loyal Team was debriefing. Ditto was looking down with his binoculars watching the hundreds of grunts walking.

    "Damn, that's a lot of prisoners" said Ditto, sounding almost in awe.

    Frosty, Electivire and Alakazam joined him at the window and watched the grunts walk as well.

    "Let me see," said Frosty, grabbing the binoculars from Ditto.

    "Cosa pensi che andremo a fare per loro?" asked Electivire, looking over at Alakazam.

    "What are we're going to do to them you ask? Well, the Higher ranking grunts will be interrogated to milk out as much information as we can before we subdue them. Low ranking grunts are either sent into kamikaze charges wearing earth army uniform into Axis positions as a form of execution by their own kind. Or just simple hard labor until they die from it. I, for one, would like to take a few and do experiments on them."

    They all look at Alakazam, who was rubbing his chin thoughtfully, and they put their best "What the f*ck" expressions on their faces and stared at him.

    Alakazam looked up at his comrades, "Did I say something offensive that made you change emotions, theories, or expectations about me on what I said?" he said locking eyes with the three.

    "You are one psycho scientist," said Ditto, taking back his binoculars and continued to watch the people below.

    Poliwrath, Sceptile, Infernape and Mazda were all at table going over the report and debrief.

    "What's the status of Mightyena, the casualty count for both ally and axis, and the status of the beaver?" asked Poliwrath, looking at some of the papers on the desk.

    "I dispatched a few of our Loyals to find him," said Sceptile.

    "Any luck with that?" Poliwrath replied, looking up from the papers.

    "No one has reported in."

    "The allies suffered close to forty-five thousand confirmed dead, twenty-three thousand wounded and or missing. The axis suffered eight-hundred thousand casualties and or twenty thousand wounded or alive and in our custody," said Infernape.

    "The beaver is neutralized. The hole I left for him was the size of a house and five feet deep. I saw him fall in with my own eyes," added Mazda, looking proud.

    The elevator door opens and Bibarel walked out with Zangoose. The four at the table watched Bibarel walk in to the room with a keg of beer in his hands and began to drink with Zangoose. But the others could only look on in confusion. They all looked towards Mazda.

    "So, if he fell into a five foot deep hole, why is the bogie here?" asked Sceptile.

    "I'm positive that I saw something brown fall in," added Mazda, rubbing his head in shame.

    "What's brown, stupid and deaf enough to not hear the warning that was broadcasted to all Argos in the field that the trap was in affect?" asked Infernape.

    The second elevator door opens. And Pidgeot, Machamp and Pinsir walk in. Pinsir was covered with dirt. Pidgeot stops and looks at the four who locked eyes on Pinsir.

    "Pinsir," groaned Mazda, rubbing his head even more and harder in shame.

    "Yup he fell in," added Pidgeot, giving the table a 'are you really that surprised' look, before joining them at the table.

    A third elevator door opened and Blissey, Garchomp, Sudowoodo, Toxicroak, and Mawile exited the elevator and entered the room. Soon after, Gengar then phased through the floor and joined the others.

    "Me, Blissey, and Gengar no find Mightyena," growled Garchomp.

    "Same goes for us big boss," added Toxicroak, leaning against the wall.

    The rest of Loyal team approached the table and began the debriefing.

    "Good job Loyals. You all did an outstanding job leading the Earths troops in and taking back this city. It's record that we captured the city in less than twenty-four hours. We'll remember our fallen Argo brothers today. And fight for their cause in this war, just like the millions of others in the Galaxy. Peace. But now, I'm ordering each and every one of you to get a hardy dinner and some rest. You'll need it for tomorrow. Gengar, you'll take first watch. Dismissed."

    "Yes sir!" yelled the team. They all dispersed in different directions, the majority went to the elevator to go to the ground floor. As a few remained in the room doing their own businesses.

    Downtown New Goldenrod City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Tuesday, March, 8th, 3535. 0230 Hours

    The whole Loyal Team was asleep with the exception of Gengar, who was looking out of the window. It was a dark and raining night, everything was quiet until a beeping began to sound off of Poliwrath's wrist computer that was lying close beside him. Poliwrath woke up, got up out of his sleeping bag, grabs it off the floor. Blissey was woken up as well, but remained lying down. She had her eyes and ears open though. Poliwrath slipped his wrist computer onto his arm before answering it.

    "This is Commander Poliwrath. Go ahead, Colonel Jet," said Poliwrath. His voice was a bit froggy from sleep and his eyes were barely open.

    "Sorry for the rude awakening. Are you around the other Loyals," asked Colonel Jet.

    "Only Gengar."

    "Alright. I some have terrible news for you."

    "Mightyena is dead…" replied Poliwrath grimly.

    "Yes. We found his body in the arena."

    "How did he die?"

    "We did an autopsy on his body and found multiple arrows located in his chest and head, before he fell ten stories to the ground from the upper level, which explains the shattered bones."

    "You know who killed him?" asked Poliwrath, unable to keep a growl out of his voice.

    "That's one thing I wish I could answer for you."

    "I understand sir. Thank you. Is there any other information you need to inform me of."

    "Yes, multiple things, but I need Loyal Team rested up and combat-ready today. Hail me when your team is ready."

    "Will do."

    "Jet, out."

    Blissey then gets out of her sleeping bag and tip-toed quietly in the dark side of the room. Poliwrath saw Blissey out of the corner of his eye and walked up towards Gengar, crosses his arms and looked down.

    "How long have you been awake?" asked Poliwrath, not looking up from the window.

    "Sir? I'm a ghost. I never rest," replied Gengar, looking confused.

    "I wasn't talking to you, Gengar."

    "Since you woke up," added Blissey, walking into the light.

    "Sir, what are we going to do now? We're down a Loyal," asked Gengar.

    "I'm guessing we're getting a replacement. Perhaps another Loan Wolf," replied Poliwrath, looking thoughtful.

    "Mightyena's dead? Ain't that a b*tch, "scoffed Blissy, "but Mightyena was the only Loan Wolf in the brigade. I don't think there are anymore."

    "I agree, sir. Maybe Loyal is better off with nineteen Argos," added Gengar.

    "I agree. But I don't have the authority to do that. It's up to Mewtwo to decide," replied Poliwrath.

    He walked over to the elevator and presses a button on the panel and waited.

    "Blissey gets some rest," ordered Poliwrath.

    "And where you going?" she asked.

    The elevator arrived and Poliwrath entered. Turning around to face his comrades.

    "I'm going to take a walk outside. Gengar look after the kids will you?"

    "Yes sir," said the two.

    The door close and the elevator descended to the bottom.

    Chapter 5 – Rookie Alert!

    No minor characters were introduced in this chapter...

    The team finally finds out about Mightyena and fortunately Bibarels existance.
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