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Originally Posted by SebbieSawrr View Post
I believe that no tier is "easier" or "harder" because each tier has different weaknesses and threats. Even though OU seems to be most played its because people are use to playing in that mindset. UU and under need a lot more stalling and support and OU is straight forward. Overall I think its just setting aside power levels etc rather that difficulty.
OU still uses a lot of stalling though, especially with rain being so prevalent, which is primarily based upon stall - as is hail, which can only be used in OU/Ubers. A lot of people just go for the popular ones which seem to be Uber or OU w/o knowing the tiers and go "straight forward" (aka HO) because they don't know any better, and with a few adjustments to make their team make more sense they just play that tier that way from then on. :x People are more likely to start off with OU than UU etc so as a result by the time they do play the other tiers they know of a lot of other playstyles other than HO.

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