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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Kay so I'll be fixing Impo's CSS & editing the first post later, but firstly let's have an event!

Basically it'll be a uhh knock-out (idk I figure I'm using the right term here!) tournament conducted in this thread, rather than live. If you participate and win at least one battle then you'll get 2 points, if you participate and lose you'll get 1 point, so it's win/win either way. This can occur at any time, you don't need to use specific Pokemon, but it's best to probably use your main team. Just post in here confirming either your win or loss (both people need to do it). This can be done at any time (hopefully soon) and it'll go round by round. Once we're all done we can talk about how we went and how to improve! :) Oh yes, and overall winner gets -- 3 points! /howexciting

1. miakalina vs Drakow
2. xxspeedy101 vs Forever
3. dragonomega vs Impo
4. vaporeon7 vs Kittyipawd

Winners of round one will advance through to the next round! obviously. Just work out the time for the battle by yourselves! If there's anything else I missed tell me gogogo.

But yeah, gl fixing PO on your laptop mia. :(
I have my team made on PO now. x]
We VM the person for the battle?