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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Phantom, what is Confirmation? Why is it sadder that you went through that than any of the other sacraments?

In the Catholic Church you go through seven Sacraments, there are four 'basic' ones that all Catholics need to go through and one before they die. In a Private Catholic school usually they are laid out for you when and where you receive your sacraments.

1. Baptism- Most are baptised as babies, within a few months after birth. (water marked over head, some stuff with a candle, blah blah blah)

2. Reconciliation (Confession)- In second grade we went through Reconciliation classes. Teaching us what we needed to do during Confession. Prayers, what you say to the priest etc. In fact I still the Act of Contrition... "O my God I am sorry for my sins. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good. I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to do good, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin. Amen." I learned that when I was seven. IT'S BURNED INTO MY BRAIN.

3. Eucharist - you-car-ist- (Communion) For almost three months in second grade (along with Confession class they were taught at the same time in my school) how to receive the Eucharist. AKA Jesus in handy cracker form. Learned handy things like what to do if you drop the host, (EAT IT EAAT IT NOW!), and which hand goes over the other. (Create a cradle with your hands like you're holding baby Jesus kids! Left hand over right, and when the host is on your left hand pick it up with your right and deposit it on your tongue!)

4. Confirmation- the reason I am pissed that I went through Confirmation is because it finalized my 'commitment' to the Catholic Church. AKA the only way I can be 'removed' from it's list of worshippers is to be EXCOMMUNICATED DUNDUNDUN! Since we're Baptised as babies we go through final Confirmation when we're older, usually between 8-10th grade, through a month long class and community service and a large Mass lead by the Archbishop. We even take a Saint's name. I chose St. Elizabeth. You receive a handy oil cross on your forehead and say "Yep I believe!"

5. Marriage- obvious

6 Holy Orders- Becoming clergy, nun, priest etc.

7. Last Rites- Get blessed and freed of sin before you die.

All this stuff, implanted in my brain. Hell I went to a funeral for my great grandfather two weeks ago. And during the Mass I kept having this feeling like I should be doing something. (Leftover I assume from being a server for so long.)

In short Shining Raichu: I am pissed I went through Confirmation because I am now solidified in the Catholic Church, and can't be otherwise removed. I didn't want it, but my parent's forced me into it. Now that I'm an adult I want free, but I ask every priest if there is a way to remove me from the list of Confirmed but it's impossible without literally being Excommunicated. Which funnily is very hard to do nowadays.