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    Hey guys.

    Introducing myself: I'm toad02 and this is my first post here. I like
    to make simple games on my own during my free time and I'm planning to
    make my first "serious" attempt and I would like to share my ideas
    with you, since you are exactly the people that I want to
    play this game, and know what do you guys think of it.

    Being the most straight and clear possible, the game would have lots
    of similarities with the basic pokemon fórmula but the combat will be
    a little bit based on card game mechanics. You are one guy traveling, you have a rival and
    you capture monsters and put them to fight each other, but the
    monsters need cards "attached" to it in order to attack.

    Combat and other mechanics
    - You can carry up to 5 monsters
    - In order to monsters use the abilities, you need to attach cards to
    - Each card has a power level (1 to 5 stars) and some requeriments to
    be attached, for example lvl 10 fire monster.
    - Every monster has attributes like attack, special attack, etc., but
    they also have the hability level, which determines the ammount of
    cards that can be attached to them. For example, a monster wich
    hability level 10 can have 10 cards of 1 star or 2 of 5 stars.
    - Monters are divided into wild and domestic. The domestic ones need
    to be bought, won or traded with NPCs. The wild ones need to be
    "domesticated", what is kind of "catch".
    - Cards can be obtained from wild monsters, bought, won or just found
    around the map.
    - Some monsters have fixed cards on it, but most of the cards can be exanged from one monster to another.

    The story
    - The game's world it's just like ours excepts that humans live along
    with some monsters in kind of a mutual help relationship.
    - In this world, few among thousands are selected to be part of a team
    called Elite Trainers, which is a team of that defends people using
    their monsters. Be a Elite is a dream of kids in all the world.
    - You are a kid who just get accepted in the first part of the exam,
    along with your best friend and a scumbag that happens to be your
    rival. Now the three of you will choose a monster and start traveling
    and adventuring for a year, after that, you will be back to be tested
    and approved or not as a Elite Trainer.

    I intend to launch a PC and mobile versions. Probably iPhone and iOS.
    Implement online play its listed on top of the priorities list. I am
    targetting people who likes pokemon games, trading card games, jrpg,
    indie games and, maybe most of all, people who desire a more complex
    game to play on its smartphones. I believe a lot of people who likes
    this kind of game don't walk around with their nintendo DS, but they
    do with their iPhones or whatever phone they have, and would like to
    play a game like this.

    I am planning to start the development around march and launch a first
    basic prototype around august.
    If you guys like the idea I could keep updating this tread during the

    And I'm sorry about my english. I'm from a non-english speaking country.

    EDIT: I made some questions to help you guys give me some feedback about the ideas.

    Feedback - What would I want to know from you
    1) Would you want to play this game?
    2) Where would you want to play this game? PC, Smartphone or both?
    3) How much the graphics would be important to you? How much better a 3D game would be than a 2D?
    4) Would you hange something in this game?

    Thanks in advance guys!
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