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I strongly disagree with a lot of your points, tbh. I personally feel like I'm a part of Unova more than I've felt a part of other Pokemon games, and although I don't play much anymore, with other Pokemon games it was sometimes a chore to even get me to finish the main story of older Pokemon games.

Originally Posted by Kip View Post
Is it possibly a lack of expansion after the game has ended? Kanto had the Sevii Islands, the legendary birds, the caves and the league to play with afterwards. Hoenn had it's massive maps to explore, the Gold/Silver games had more expansions than all of them put together - heck even Sinnoh had the underground and that battle island... place... thing. But Unova... you've explored half of it already when the story ends, and everything else after that just seems... well, easy. And now there's just nothing to do anymore. :(
I think a lot of people disagree that the rest of the map is easy, considering the level jump and such. I would argue that there's a lot to explore still in Unova after you've finished it, but that doesn't necessarily imply a post-game. It really doesn't take that much time to explore something, especially in Pokemon. And once it's explored, there's really no need to explore it again; post-game usually implies more of a longevity than that. But as far as Unova, it has a Battle Subway which is comparable to Sinnoh's arenas, and it has Black City/White Forest, Abyssal Ruins (a game in itself), Dream World, etc.

Or is it because Unova is cold and soulless... in the sense that it was created for the sole purpose to be different from the other games. It's charms are there but that X factor that you can't quite define isn't, and after a while the whole region just feels dead. It looks appealing, but feels impersonal. Kanto, Johto and Hoenn felt, and still feels, like an adventure. Unova just feels like a story that's been told already, like I've been watching a film and it's finished.
I don't understand this. This may be because you're already attached to the older games, but I don't understand how it being different implies it being 'soulless'. I find the difference freeing; I was in a whole new story, not some side-story of an old region written to appeal to people that can't move on from the older games.

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