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    Me and a few other guys are working on a Fire Red hack. Up until now, I've just been sticking to spriting new Pokemon and trainers (check my album for some examples) and letting other people worry about the maps and text and all that. But now there's a problem I want to try to get fixed.

    Whenever an opponent uses an item, it gives a message like:
    "Trainer used ESCAPE ROPE! The opponent's Pokemon was cured of its burn!"
    or something along those lines. Two problems with that: one, is that the trainer was supposed to use a Potion, not an Escape Rope; two, the burn or other status condition remained and no HP was restored.

    Sometimes trainers use Rare Candies or ??????? items or a number of other things. Items that the player uses are fine and nothing else about trainers seems to be messed up.

    I'm very inexperienced with the tools and haven't touched hex editing except in few and far between cases, but... The Item Editor for the hacked ROM looks the same as for an un-hacked ROM, and the items set in Advance Trainer all appear to be correct -- lots of Hyper Potions and X-Attacks with no Escape Ropes to be found. The tools aren't telling me anything, so I don't know where to start with fixing this. The guy in charge says he "messed up the item table", but he's focusing on other things right now and can't seem to elaborate.

    destinedjagold's response above sounds like it might be relevant, but the question there is, how do I find out where in the hex the item data is located?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!