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    LegendaryFSK's Pokémon Diamond Journey

    Entry 01

    After playing Black for so long, decided to pick back up the old copy of Diamond and take another journey through the Sinnoh Region. Started journey on January 17, 2012.

    This is me, Jay Jay. I also have a friend and rival named Branden.

    After watching the "Search for the Red Gyarados" special report, I met up with Branden on Route 201. From there we traveled to Lake Verity.
    I chose Piplup as my starter from the case that the Professor and Dawn left behind.

    Returned home to Twinleaf Town and received the running shoes from mom. Piplup and I took a brief rest before we headed back out. We traveled to Sandgem Town. There we met with Dawn and the Professor where I received the Pokédex.

    I purchased a few Pokéballs and potions from the Poké Mart. Traveled back home to receive my Journal. I also met with Branden's mom who gave me a Parcel to give to Branden. I then traveled to route 202 to meet with Dawn. She showed me how to catch wild Pokémon and gave me 5 more Pokéballs.

    I caught a Starly and a Shinx in the wild.

    Current Team


    Black FC: 1163 5272 5840