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    Originally Posted by Montgomery View Post
    I think you should use level scripts. I'm still a novice in scripting but I'm pretty sure you need to use level scripts if you want a script to execute upon entering a map. A member, cooley, has compile a nice tutorial in the Tutorials' section, if you like to have a look; however, the scripting environment used is presumably XSE. I doubt you'll have trouble converting as I heard the two syntax are awfully similar. I hope this is what you are looking for.
    Thanks, I'll check! This is my first "difficult" script, and I only am practising since last night,
    so I don't know all the terms yet! But I'll keep levelscripting in thd back of my head! :) And it isn't hard to convert, tried it for a couple of times.
    Thanks for the help anyways!
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