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Penance Malum

They had soon arrived at their destination and Penance couldn't help but grimace. He had heard about Poseida long before he had become a Gold Tribe member. His father had taken a different route into the city but none the less he had been told about the city. He hadn't paid much attention in his younger days to the stories his father would tell and really the only details he knew about the village was what little bit he had been taught in his geography classes as well as news about what went on over there. It had been a fair sized city and even had a statue of a empoleon as the city's good luck charm.

Still it was a depressing site to see only little houses and just a tower be all that was remaining of the city. Even worse, there seemed to be no sign of an army. Penance thought that there would be at least a few soldiers that would have come out to greet them but it was silent. They followed Vigil further in, trying to find some sign or perhaps a note left behind. When it became apparent that they were indeed alone different theories were thrown out. As the soldiers started pushing out all kinds of ideas when a lone pokemon approached them.

It was a raticate who said he would lead them to the General. They were lead to the tower and with a pull of a lever the bottom opened up into a huge tunnel. Once they descended Penance saw thousands of pokemon milling about. Hope rose in his heart, his father surely must be here! They soon met with General Belas who welcomed them with open arms as well as with friendly cheers form the crowd of pokemon. Vigil was all too eager to ask the General where their brothers and sisters were.

"None have come yet, Vigil." It was a simple sentence that held so much context. As Vigil turned to them Penance saw in Vigil's eye a distress. Penance felt it too. They were possibily the last of their kind. These were the only brothers he had now. The others were dead. Belas quickly invited them to eat and to refresh themselves but if Penance could have had a choice in the matter he would have wanted to sit out. He instead followed Vigil's example and sat among his brothers and ate. His thoughts drifted, trying to find something that would take his mind off of the harsh reality.

"Belas, have you seen a male golduck anywhere? He goes by the name of Matthius Malum." Penance knew the answer would probably be no, but still, he needed to know if there was just a little hope that his father was alive.