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Wow that's quite the list of Pokémon you have! I was looking at them and I was interested in the following:
UT Shiny Vulpix lv. 1 (JPN/DW ability)
UT Shiny Axew lv. 30
UT Adamant Shiny Tepig lv. 1 Nearly Flawless

I have a couple of different things to offer, and I hope we can work out a deal! I can offer the following:
Movie 14 Victini Lv. 50
-Timid Nature
-OT: Movie14
-ID No. 12031

Toys "R" Us Zoroark Lv. 50
-Quirky Nature
-ID No. 09161

World Championship 2011 Scrafty Lv. 50
-Brave Nature
-ID No. 08141

GameStop Suicune Lv. 30
-Relaxed Nature
-ID No. 01311

GameStop Entei Lv. 30
-Adamant Nature
-ID No. 01171

GameStop Raikou Lv. 30
-Rash Nature
-ID No. 01031

Let me know if you're interested in any of these, or any other way we can work out a deal. Thanks!