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    Lucian Tromp

    Lucian stood in disbelief as he stared down at Poseida Village. Last time he was here, he'd seen the place as a laid-back, cute kind of village. Of course, he'd heard of its destruction, he was not unaware. But it still came as a shock. The poor inhabitants of the village... All the houses were crushed, burnt, or blown away. The statue of the great Tidechanger had been vandalized here and there. His trident had been chipped off, and there was a gaping whole in his stomach. The tower was also ruined. It wasn't as bad as the rest of the village, but it still looked on edge. Hoodhide remembered the last time he'd gone there. He was with a group of Alpha Alliance soldiers, but let's just say most of the kids were asking for his autograph. Anyway, the group approached the ruins. They were still deserted. "Maybe... this was atrap..." Lucian muttered. Suddenly, a Raticate appeared from the tower. A Silver Tribe spy! Lucian stood on guard, ready to attack, but as he started to run, he saw that the rest of the group had backed down. Not wanting to cause any trouble, he did the same. "Gold Tribe!" the large rat exclaimed. "General Belas has been expecting you!" he said. General Belas! This Raticate was on their side, it seemed. Now Lucian felt a little stupid for starting a charge at him. Luckily nothing overly stupid had happened, like their first encounter.

    "Where is everyone?" Zane asked. "I'll show you. You can't expect us to be out in the open do you? There's talk of Silver Tribe about...but that's for later. Come on! I'll show you the way!" Silver Tribe ... suspicious. But Hoodhide went and followed him anyway. The group was led into the ruined tower. What was there to gain here? Suddenly, the Raticate pushed a lever with his paw, and Lucian could feel himself going down. Down ... down ... down. The base of the tower was sinking... like a giant elevator. Lucian was impressed by the handiwork.

    Next thing in front of the group was a tunnel. "...What?" Lucian muttered. He certainly didn't expect to find that here. Then again, an elevator going the whole way down to the base with the lever in plain sight wasn't the best way to hide an army either, Lucian thought. It seemed Hazone was also as impressed. He asked what it was, and Lucian listened keenly to the Raticate's explanation. "When Poseida was destroyed, the citizens who remained built these tunnels to escape the Ancients and the Silver Tribe. When Belas arrived, we increased it's size." the Raticate said. Interesting. So, the group started going through the tunnel, with Raticate lighting the way. Soon, they arrived at a Cavern Room. But not any cavern room... it was huge! It must have been the area of the entire village, and more. But the truly amazing thing was its contents. An army.... a huge army! Belas had done it, he'd created an army to combat the Silver Tribe, they finally had a chance!

    "Holy Arceus!" Lucian gawked. He looked around as the others were talking. Alliance soldiers were performing duties all around the base. "MEN!" Belas shouted, snapping Lucian out of his trance of amazement. "Today, we welcome to our camp, members of the Gold Tribe, as well as our General Hazone!" he shouted, so at least half the camp could hear. Right afterwards, all the Scrafty could hear were roars of delight, and applause of appreciation. Lucian was filled with pride as he stuck his pants up high, a sign of dominance among Scrafty. When the roars stopped, Lucian tuned in to listen to Zane and Belas, lowering his pants. "What of the other Gold Tribe members? How many have arrived?" Zane asked the general. "None have come yet, Vigil." Belas said. Zane turned to face Lucian and the others with a frown. Lucian lowered his head, they all knew what it meant. They were, probably, the only part of the Gold Tribe left. Each individual with their own histories, and futures, they all took a moment of silence to divulge this news. Lucian was thinking about how lucky he was to have encountered others of the Gold Tribe. The only others. But ... he tried to get his hopes up, if he was still in hiding, others might be too.

    "Fear not! More Pokemon pour in every from all corners of Valkaria. Do not give up hope!" Belas said, interrupting Lucian's train of thought. "Come! You must be tired. And hungry."


    Food!! Proper food!! Despite the bad news, the fact remained that Lucina hadn't had any proper food for months! Just the foods that the forest people prepared, which weren't all that tasty. The banquet was huge. Everyone sat at a long table, there were all sorts of pleasantries on the table to choose from. The choices seemed endless! On his plate, Lucian took a whole bunch of meats, vegetables, and other pleasantries along with some wine on the side. He gobbled it up almost instantly and went on to the other pleasantries. By the time he was done, he felt like he could throw up. He figured the only one enjoying this more than he was Sword and Shield.
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