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    As they began their trek across the Wastes, the intense heat and stretches of sand brought back memories of the Final Exam to Hanso. The Gallade had fared somewhat better than his comrades during those few days, but it didn't mean he didn't go through the same hardships. Hanso was able to conserve some of the water he had on him as the day wore on. He even gave some of his rations to some of the Alpha Alliance soldiers, who were not as used to harsh conditions as the Gold Tribe. Hanso soon found himself wishing that Brynn was with them. Well, more so than at other times.

    The night did not prove to be much better. As the fire was built and the group settled down, Hanso left his spot near the warm flames to sit on a relatively low rock out of the firelight. There he spent some time meditating on his life and recent events. The torturehouse was undoubtedly the worst thing that had happened to him. And the worst part of that time was his leg, which now reacted more spasmatically to the day's searing heat and the night's near-freezing cold. Brynn would have been able to help Hanso deal with it.
    Hanso sighed. It was probably the stark possibility of what could have happened to his sister that had urged him, was urging him now, to find out what had happened.

    The next day in the desert did not begin much better than the previous day. Hanso found himself hanging back a little behind most of the other Gold Tribe members. Checking his water canteens, he wondered how much longer they could all move on without fatalities when the group became excited. Looking back up, Hanso could feel himself cheering up. An oasis!
    At his turn beside the water, Hanso happily refilled his own water-containers, even offering to help a few others with theirs. Afterwards, Hanso found his way to one of the trees, sitting down to enjoy the cool shade. For a few minutes.

    "Scouts heading this way!"

    Hanso instinctively teleported himself to a spot behind one of the piles of rocks. Looking into the distance, he could pick out the forms of the approaching Pokemon. From the looks of it, there were at least two bigger forms, both very similar. Hanso didn't hesitate to hide behind the rocks when the others did so. It was some time before the Ancients and Sentry left, and the group could come out of hiding and move on.

    Hanso did not like the look of the ruins they found. It reminded him of the ruins they'd left just the day before. Luckily, a Raticate found them and led them to the tower, where they all descended to a large tunnel. Hanso was glad when they discovered that there were thousands of soldiers in the caves. Listening to Vigil and Belas, Hanso heard, "None have come yet, Vigil."

    No. Hanso shook his head. No. He understood the implication that they were the last remaining members of the Gold Tribe, but he didn't want to believe it. The feast was mostly a blur for the Gallade, as was much of the time afterwards. He heard that there would be a war meeting.
    Hanso balled his hands into fists. The Silver Tribe would pay.